Axillary Breast Removal Gets Rid Of Unwanted Bulkiness

Have you observed some soft breast-like tissue in and around your armpits? You might have axillary breasts. In some cases, the breast tissue grows in areas beyond the normal breast location, mostly in the armpits. It is seen in around 2 to 6 percent of women. 

If you have axillary breast tissue, you might be conscious of how it makes you look when the arm looks in the normal position. You would feel that the tissue is thick and obvious.

If you gain weight, the area will have a higher fat deposition, making it look worse. Before menstruation or during pregnancy, it can swell up like breasts and become more sensitive. 

If your axillary breast tissue affects your confidence, you can have surgery to remove lymph nodes under your arm. Liposuction can remove it in case of minor correction, or excision can be for severe cases. The benefits of axillary lump removal include the following:

  • Elimination of excess tissue from the underarm area
  • Enhance the mobility of the arm
  • Lesser rashes and irritation from clothes

There are chances of scarring in the case of extensive surgery. However, on removing breast tissue from the armpit, the scarring would be hidden in the natural crease of the armpit. Hence after axillary lump removal, you can wear sleeveless outfits without concern. 

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What happens during the surgery?

When axillary lump removal is done through liposuction, local anaesthesia is used; for those who undergo surgery to remove lymph nodes under the arm through excision, general anaesthesia is used. The time required for the surgery is around an hour.

The procedure is done by making an incision in the armpit fold. The incision would be around a few millimetres and might be longer if the excision is done. The excess tissue is removed, and the incision is stitched and dressed. 

Recovery and aftercare

After removing breast tissue from the armpit, you would have to follow the doctor’s instructions. The area would have swelling and bruises for some weeks, and intense activities should be avoided. 

After the procedure, you will observe some inflammation and uneasiness after the surgery. It varies from person to person and would be more if you underwent excision. The pain can be controlled through the medications prescribed by the doctor.

The recovery phase is crucial, and you should give time to the body to heal on its own. The swelling and bruising will improve if you rest properly and avoid high-intensity physical activities for at least one month or as directed by the surgeon.

After the surgery, you would need a minimum of one week of complete bed rest to recover properly. 

In the initial days of the surgery, the surgery would cause the area to swell up more than earlier. With recovery, you would see a gradual decrease in the swelling; hence, surgery results would be visible. 

After the surgery, you would have to wear the compression garment for weeks to allow the body to adapt to the new contour. Make sure to wear it as suggested by the doctor to recover successfully. 

To reduce the appearance of scars, protect the scars from the sun rays for at least one year after the surgery. The sun’s rays can further worsen the healing rate, and the tan caused due to it would make it look darker and hence make it worse. To reduce the scars, you can use scar-lightening creams and topical ointments.

The ancillary breast removal surgery would enhance your confidence and self-esteem without feeling conscious about the armpits. You can freely wear sleeveless dresses and tank tops as per your choice. 

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Dr Vinod Pachade

Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.

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