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Facelift surgery is a cosmetic procedure done to achieve a younger look. PVR Aesthetica offers the best face lift in Thane.

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    Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Also known as rhytidectomy, a face lifts surgery can be defined as a surgical procedure that helps you look younger. Paper from that, the procedure would also help you reduce the sagging or skin folds present on the cheeks and jawline. It also helps you fix other problems that occur on your face due to ageing. 

    When you go for a facelift procedure, a part of the skin is pulled back from both sides of your face. After this, the tissues present under the skin are changed with the help of surgery to get back to the contour of a more youthful appearance. The excess skin is removed before the flap is sutured closed. 

    You can also undergo a neck lift or platysmaplasty and facelift surgery to remove the excess fat deposits and sagging skin. However, you must remember that a facelift surgery would not help get rid of creases or wrinkles caused by sun exposure. You can undergo other cosmetic surgeries to improve the quality or appearance of your skin. 

    If you want a face lift in Thane, get in touch with Dr Vinod Pacahde at PVR Aesthetica. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure, exceptional facilities and reasonable prices to provide you with one of the best facelift treatments in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area.

    Like any other surgery, a facelift surgery might have several consequences or complications. Most of the complications can be reduced if you take proper care, medications and surgical corrections. Permanent or long-lasting compilations are very rare and might adversely affect your appearance. Here are some risks that may be caused as a result of undergoing a facelift surgery: 

    • Hematoma: Hematoma is a condition which occurs because of the collection of blood under the skin. It can cause problems such as swelling and pressure and is one of the most common complications of facelift surgery. Hematoma might occur within a day of the surgery and must be treated as soon as possible with the help of surgery. Treating it immediately would reduce the chances of skin damage and other tissues. 
    • Scarring: It is inevitable for you to have scars after facelift surgery, but most are hidden due to the hairline and the contours of the face and ears. Sometimes the incisions can also lead to raised, red scars. The scars can be improved with the help of corticosteroid injections or other treatments. 
    • Nerve injury: A facelift procedure can sometimes also injure nerves which prevent them from controlling muscles temporarily or permanently. If a nerve is damaged temporarily, you might have an uneven facial appearance or expression. The condition can be for a few months to a year and can be improved with the help of surgery. 
    • Hair loss: You might observe some amount of hair loss in the areas where the incisions have been made. The loss may be short-term or permanent and can be fixed by the transplantation of hair follicles. 
    • Skin loss: Sometimes, a facelift procedure might cut off the blood supply to the tissues of your face. The condition might lead to skin loss, and it can be treated with the help of medications, appropriate care or even surgery. 

    Facelift surgery also has the risks of bleeding, infection or adverse reactions to anaesthesia, like any other major surgery. You can also face risks and complications due to some medical conditions or lifestyle choices. If you have the following conditions, your doctor will advise you against undergoing a facelift surgery:

    • Intaking blood-thinning medications or supplements: Any medication or supplements involved in thinning blood can reduce the ability of your blood to clot, thus increasing the chances of hematomas after surgery. Some of these medications include Coumadin, Plavix and others that thin blood. It also includes aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ginseng, fish oils and other medications. 
    • Medical conditions: In case you have any medical conditions which prevent your blood from clotting, you will not be able to have facelifts. Other medical issues such as uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure can delay recovery and cause hematomas and heart problems. 
    • Weight fluctuation: If your weight fluctuates a lot which affects the appearance and shape of your skin, you are likely not to get your desired results from the procedure. 

    You must opt for facelift surgery in Thane to get a youthful appearance. Contact Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica to get the best results without any inconvenience. So hurry up and book your appointments to get the best surgery at a reasonable face lift surgery cost in Thane.

    On your first consultation with your doctors, they will ask you about the following things: 

    • Medical history: You will be asked several questions about your medical history and current conditions, previous surgeries and complications from previous surgeries. The doctor may ask you about your smoking history and if you use drugs or alcohol. Your doctor might conduct a diagnosis and want to see your recent records from your previous doctor. 
    • Medications: Your doctor will prescribe the names and dosages of all the medications you need to take regularly. It includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, herbal medications, vitamins and other supplements. 
    • Facial analysis: Your doctor will take photographs of your face from different angles, including a close-up picture of some features. They will also analyse your bone structure, the shape of the face, fat distribution and quality of your skin. After this analysis, they will suggest the best procedure for you. 
    • Expectations: The doctor will ask you about your expectations from the surgery and tell you the possible risks along with the advantages and limitations of the procedure. 

    Here are some things that you must do before a facelift surgery:

    • You should follow the instructions given to you regarding when to start taking medication and when to stop. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts regarding the dosage or medications.
    • You would need to wash your hair and face with germicidal gel when you start your treatment. 
    • You must not eat anything after midnight before the treatment. You must only have water along with the prescribed medication.
    • Arrange for assistance after the procedure so that you go back home safely. 

    If you are looking for facelift surgery in Thane, visit PVR Aesthetica. We have expert doctors who will ensure successful results at an affordable price. Therefore if you want rhytidectomy surgery in Thane, contact PVR Aesthetica. We understand that expense is essential for many people, so we ensure the best treatment at an affordable face lift cost in Thane.

    The procedure is not permanent and lasts for about 10 years. Your skin will droop again as a result of ageing. 

    Are you looking for a good doctor for facelift surgery in Thane? Then contact Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica as he is exceptionally qualified and would give you your desired results at an affordable face lift surgery cost in Thane. So book your appointment for a consultation today!