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Hair Transplant is a process that involves the removal of hair from any site in the body and planting them on the losing area. PVR Aesthetica provides the best hair transplant in Thane.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A hair transplant is a treatment for anyone who is troubled with hair fall and balding issues. But you can also get a hair transplant if you desire a more attractive hairline. During the first consultation, the doctor will ask several questions about your health, prescription medications, expectations from the procedure, etc., and then advise if you are suitable for a hair transplant.

    The success of hair restoration procedures does not depend on the age or gender of the candidate, as people of the ages over 70 have had successful treatments of male and female pattern baldness. But when it comes to younger candidates, the condition and treatment should be managed with care. Although people think women are not eligible candidates, women suffering from female pattern baldness and hair fall can also reap the benefits of hair transplant. 

    Individuals are considered perfect for hair transplants if they have healthy hair in the donor areas. A donor area is the part of the scalp from where the hair grafts are taken for transplant. The most common donor areas are the back and sides of the scalp. It would be best if you opted for a hair transplant in the early stages of hair fall issues so that you can camouflage the bald spots.

    Here are a few individuals who are considered perfect for hair transplantation:

    • People suffering from hair loss due to scalp injuries, scarring, or cosmetic procedures.
    • People with prior hair restoration procedures.
    • People with distinct female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness.
    • People who are looking to thicken or restore their moustaches, eyebrows, or beards.

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    Androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness, is a medication condition that affects the front and top of your scalp. But luckily, the back or sides of the scalp that are considered the donor areas are inherently programmed to have healthy hair growth for life. Hair grafts from these areas are also called autografts and are preferred by the doctors for the transplant procedure. 

    The ability of the autografts to grow normally when transplanted in the blading or recipient area. There may be either mini follicular graft groupings or mini follicular graft grouping. Although there are 5 or 6 follicles in every hair graft nowadays, there used to be 10 to 20 follicles in the olden days. Therefore, mini or minor grafts are considered more advantageous as they help produce delicate and fine hair in the balding areas post-transplantation. One to three grafts are generally used for transplantation since the more the number of grafts, the better the transition zone from the forehead to the back or sides of the head. 

    If you are looking for micro blend grafting for the best hair transplant in Thane, come over to PVR Aesthetica, as we have one of the most affordable hair transplant costs in Thane.

    Hair transplantation is a medical procedure in which a small strip of hair-bearing skin is taken from the donor area of the scalp, and the hair is extracted to be transplanted onto the recipient area of the scalp. As mentioned before, donor areas are inherently programmed to have healthy hair growth for life. So the doctor extracts the hair-bearing strip of skin from the donor area and carefully closes it with sutures that will either be minimally visible or hidden in the remaining hair after the recovery. 

    Then, the extracted hair bearing skin is microscopically divided into different sizes based on the balding area and the patient's requirements. Since the newly transplanted hair will grow naturally, people won't be able to differentiate them from the other hair on your scalp. Also, the doctor will use the grafts with more hair follicles to improve the hairline density. 

    The surgeon may opt for local or general anaesthesia if there is a scope of discomfort during the procedure. They will also make sure that the transplanted hair grows in different directions to ensure a natural hair growth that is undetectable to the people unaware of the procedure. 

    Patients consider PVR Aesthetica as a clinic providing one of the best hair transplants in Thane. That is all thanks to the talented team of medical staff led by Dr Vinod Pachade and an economical hair transplant cost in Thane.

    A successful hair transplant procedure requires multiple sittings at particular intervals. Usually, patients can see excellent results with a minimum number of procedures. Moreover, those who opt for micro blend grafting may need just one or two sittings several months apart. Every sitting takes just a couple of hours or a maximum of 3 to 4 hours to complete.

    Here are a few things to expect after the hair transplant procedure:

    • Most patients can get back to their daily routine approximately one to 2 days after the hair transplant procedure. 
    • You can wash the hair the morning after the procedure, but vigorous activities should still be limited for at least six to seven days. 
    • If you have swelling on the transplanted area, the doctor may prescribe you some medications. 
    • You may also have some itching and scabbing for a few days after the procedure, but it will go away on its own. 
    • There may also be numbness on the treatment site, which will probably go away in a few weeks. 

    If you are searching for a doctor providing one of the best hair transplants in Thane, book an appointment with Dr Vinod Pachade.

    Micrograft hair transplant leaves almost no scars after the procedure, all while conserving some grafts for future sittings. Several factors predicate coverage after hair transplant, primary among which are the density of the donor area's hair, the extent of hair loss and the number of procedures. You may experience the transplanted hair shedding within a month. But don't worry, as new hair will start growing a few months later and continue to grow at a normal pace for the rest of your life. Your hair will regain its natural look in around 6 to 7 months.

    Like any other surgical procedure, hair transplants have some risks, but they are quite minimal and rare. Moreover, the chances of having an infection or bleeding are very slim. Generally, the patients should avoid certain medications, including aspirin or any herbal remedy, before the procedure to avoid any complications. If you suffer from a medical condition for which you have been prescribed medication, inform the surgeon.

    Are you looking for a clinic providing the best hair transplant in Thane? Then, book your appointment with Dr Vinod Pachade at the PVR Aesthetica. Not only do we have an excellent team of certified medical professionals, but also an affordable hair transplant cost in Thane.


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