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A Rhinoplasty Surgery or “nose job” is a surgical procedure where the shape and structure of the nose are changed for aesthetic reasons and also it can help with breathing issues. PVR Aesthetica offers rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is a procedure to enhance the shape of the nose. It is done to get a better nose contour, improve breathing or both.

    To understand more about rhinoplasty, you need to know more about the structure of the nose. The upper position of the nose is made of bones, and the lower one has cartilage. By rhinoplasty, the surgeon can change the shape of bone, cartilage, and skin. Have a good conversation with your surgeon to know whether rhinoplasty surgery is the right option for you or not.

    The surgeon would examine and check your nose, the skin on it and other facial features. Then, he would come up with a proper plan for your treatment. The cost of the surgery may or may not be covered under health insurance plans.

    Want to know more about nose surgery and its cost in Navi Mumbai? Then get in touch with us at PVR Aesthetica to get your treatment done by some of the best doctors for rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai. Their skills and experience have helped many people gain confidence and transform their lives. We are associated with some of the best doctors whose excellent services have made us one of the best hospitals for nose surgery in Navi Mumbai. So look no further and get your appointment now.

    Rhinoplasty has minimal complications and risks associated with it. However, each medical procedure has complications to a certain extent. Here are a few possible risks:

    • Sudden openings in the nose bridge
    • Heavy blood loss from the nose
    • Undesirable change in the nose shape
    • Decreased smell sensation
    • Lack of sensation in the surrounding facial features like jaws or teeth
    • Blood clot formation
    • Allergic reaction to any of the medications used
    • Heart-related problems
    • Might need revision surgery due to nose blockage
    • Breathing problems
    • Discolouration of the skin of the operated area and scarring
    • Eye problems

    The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia to minimise pain felt during the surgery. After the surgery, one may feel the following symptoms:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Discomfort
    • Increased sensation of cold
    • Late reaction time
    • Poor judgement

    Choosing the right doctor is quite important for any surgical procedure as they can help avert and treat any possible risks and complications. If you want a good surgeon for rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai, consider booking an appointment with Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica.

    Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure performed under the influence of IV sedation or general anaesthesia. Your cosmetic surgeon can complete it in 1 to 2 hours. There are two types of rhinoplasty- open and close. In the open rhinoplasty, the urge would make the incision on the tissue between the nostrils. For the closed rhinoplasty, an incision is made inside the nostrils.

    In either of the procedures, the surgeon would have to lift the soft tissues of the nose. Then, they change the shape of the bone and cartilage as per the patient's desire. If some extra cartilage is required in the procedure, it is taken from the patient's septum. If you have a deviated septum, the surgeon would first fix the septum and other bones, which improves breathing. After this, the area is closed with stitching. Even nostril reshaping is possible and is done in the last step of the surgery.

    If you want more information about rhinoplasty in Navi Mumbai, book an appointment with PVR Aesthetica. We have a team of doctors and other medical staff to ensure that you get the desired nose. Their trust and satisfaction have made us one of the known names for rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai. So then, consult with our experts to get more information about nose jobs in Navi Mumbai.

    The surgeon would give you a detailed insight into the surgical procedures during the consultation.

    Firstly, the doctor would need your complete medical history to know about your existing medical condition, allergies and disorders. They would need complete insight into the existing medications consumed.

    Then, they would perform a physical diagnosis to determine the condition of the nose region, which needs to be corrected. Some blood test reports would be required. It helps the doctor to get a complete overview. The physical examination helps determine the strength of the nose cartilage, skin around the region and how the nose would respond to the surgery.

    The doctor would also ask your expectations from the surgery and to what extent the surgery would be able to fulfil them. They would explain all the benefits, risks and complications associated with the surgery. The patient should inform the doctor about any blood-thinning medicines or supplements they consume so that the doctor can instruct which medication has to be stopped for a specified duration.

    The patient is usually instructed to eat or drink nothing from midnight before surgery. Avoid smoking as it interrupts the healing process. Instead, have a friend or family member accompany you and take care of you.

    Looking for a good hospital or clinic for nose surgery in Navi Mumbai? Then contact us at PVR Aesthetica to get guided by our medical experts.

    Rhinoplasty can be performed by a well experienced plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist (ENT or Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist. Additional training and board certification in any of these is enough to be eligible to perform rhinoplasty.

    While searching for a surgeon, look if they have published papers on rhinoplasty in the medical literature. Make sure that you can easily communicate with your surgeon and that they explain and clear all your queries.

    At our clinic, we have eminent doctors like Dr Vinod Pachade to deal with your case. He is among the most qualified surgeons for rhinoplasty in Navi Mumbai. Along with that, our modern technologies, well-built infrastructure and services would ensure you get the best experience and results. So get your appointment today!


    Patient Testimonials

    What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

    Rhinoplasty Surgery, or nose job, is a cosmetic surgery that not only enhances the nose’s shape and appearance but also its functionality. The nasal anatomy consists of the upper one-third of the nasal bone followed by upper and lower cartilages in the remaining part. 

    Rhinoplasty Surgery is a delicate and complex surgery to improve nasal appearance, correct nasal deformities, and address breathing difficulties simultaneously.

    The Cosmetic Aspect Of Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    • It corrects nasal size to enhance the facial profile
    • It refines a bulbous nasal tip
    • It straightens the bump on the nasal bridge
    • It improves the size, shape, and position of the nostrils
    • It enhances the overall nasal symmetry for an aesthetic appeal

    The Functional Aspect Of Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    • It corrects a deviated nasal septum to provide improved alignment
    • It repairs collapsed nasal valves
    • It opens blocked passages to address breathing difficulties

    Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Rhinoplasty Surgery In Navi Mumbai?

    People often require rhinoplasty to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of their face or fix a medical problem associated with a nasal defect. However, there are certain characteristics that define the suitability of an ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai.

    • The candidate should have good health without any underlying medical condition.
    • A suitable candidate must have realistic expectations about the potential outcome of the treatment.
    • Candidates having specific concerns and goals related to their noses are considered suitable for rhinoplasty. 
    • The candidate must be emotionally mature and stable to undergo the transformation process as rhinoplasty can impact the facial profile of a person.
    • An ideal candidate should be a non-smoker as smoking interferes with the healing process and might develop complications.
    • Candidates who are willing to repair nasal injuries, correct congenital defects, fix nasal symmetry or improve breathing functionality are suitable for rhinoplasty procedures.
    • The ideal candidate should be of appropriate age, preferably 18 and more when the facial growth has ceased, and the nasal growth is complete.

    Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost In Navi Mumbai

    With the grooming industry soaring high India is gradually becoming a preferred destination for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery owing to its world-class service and incredible success rate.

    Nose surgery cost in Navi Mumbai starts from approximately INR 80000 which may increase up to INR 450000. The fluctuation in the cost of nose surgery in Navi Mumbai depends on several factors.

    7 Factors That Affect Nose Job Cost In Mumbai

    1. Type of Surgery

    The cost of rhinoplasty surgery is based on the type of procedure. 

    • Closed rhinoplasty may cost around INR 80000 and INR 200000
    • Open rhinoplasty cost ranges between INR 150000 and INR 250000
    • Revision rhinoplasty costs a little higher between INR 250000 TO INR 450000

    2. Surgeon’s Expertise And Reputation

    The experience, skill, and reputation of the surgeon impact the cost of rhinoplasty. Surgeons with extensive experience and a successful past record may charge higher fees.

    3. Complexity Of The Case

    The complexity of the rhinoplasty procedure is based on the extent of the nasal problem. Some individuals may require a simple correction, while others may need more intricate and detailed work to achieve the desired results. 

    4. Type of Facility 

    The quality and the type of facility where the procedure takes place can influence the overall cost. High-end reputed facilities or super speciality hospitals may charge more for their services.

    5. Anesthesia Fees

    The type of anaesthesia used during the procedure and the associated fee of the surgeon can impact the cost.

    6. Geographic Location

    The location of the surgical facility in Navi Mumbai may impact the cost of Rhinoplasty. The facilities located in prime locations or upscale neighbourhoods may charge higher fees than the clinics in other areas.

    7. Individual Factors

    The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai may differ from patient to patient based on their unique nasal anatomy and nasal problems to be fixed. 

    If you are looking for the best rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai then book a consultation with the experts at PVR Aesthetica for world-class service at an affordable price.

    Types Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Different types of rhinoplasty procedures are designed to address the unique needs of patients. Hence, each type of rhinoplasty can be considered a highly personalized and effective cosmetic surgery.

    3 Types of rhinoplasty that effectively enhances facial aesthetics. 

    1. Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    Reduction rhinoplasty is tailored for people who are dissatisfied with their nose being too big or bulbous. Hence, this type of rhinoplasty focuses on reducing the size and reshaping the nose. 

    It is commonly sought by individuals with a prominent hump on the nasal bridge, a drooping nasal tip, or wide nostrils. The surgeon uses this procedure to carefully remove excess bone and cartilage for achieving a more balanced and proportionate nose that matches the patient’s facial features.

    2. Augmentation Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    Augmentation rhinoplasty is performed to enhance the projection of the nose. This type of rhinoplasty is often chosen by people with a flat nasal bridge or a recessed nasal tip. 

    The surgeon can use cartilage grafts from the patient’s own body or synthetic implants to widen and lift up the nasal bridge or the tip. This procedure not only serves the aesthetic purpose but also the functionality aspect. 

    It provides structural support to the nose by filling in areas which are deficient in materials. 

    3. Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    Ethnic rhinoplasty is tailored to address the specific nasal characteristics of different ethnicities while preserving the patient’s cultural identity. The surgeon harvests cartilage from the ear or rib to add to the deficient areas in the nose. 

    Ethnic rhinoplasty addresses concerns related to nasal shapes such as height width, and sharpness. It can also manipulate the nasal size, nasal angle, and nasal bump.

    4. Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    Revision rhinoplasty, or secondary rhinoplasty, is performed to correct unsatisfactory results or cosmetic deformities from previous nose surgery. It also addresses functional issues that may arise after the initial rhinoplasty procedure. 

    Revision rhinoplasty can be complex, as it involves working with altered nasal tissues. It has a higher revision rate than primary rhinoplasty, hence It requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced surgeon to achieve the desired outcomes.

    Procedure Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Rhinoplasty surgery involves a series of well-defined steps that are customized based on the individual’s anatomy, expected outcome, and the surgeon’s expertise.

    The procedure of rhinoplasty surgery includes the following steps:

    Step 1: Anaesthesia Administration

    The patient is administered either general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation for a comfortable and pain-free procedure. The choice of anaesthesia depends on the complexity of the surgery and the surgeon’s advice.

    Step 2: Incisions

    The surgeon makes carefully planned incisions. In closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside the nostrils, while in open rhinoplasty, they are made across the columella, the strip of tissue between the nostrils.

    Closed rhinoplasty leaves no visible external scars, while open rhinoplasty provides the surgeon with better visibility for complex procedures.

    Step 3: Reshaping or Repositioning Nasal Structure

    The surgeon now gains access to the underlying nasal tissues and cartilage. These structures are meticulously sculpted and reshaped to achieve the desired aesthetic or functional improvements. 

    The surgeon may remove excess bone or cartilage, reposition the nasal tip, adjust the nasal bridge, or correct a deviated nasal septum, depending on the patient’s goals.

    Step 4: Closure of Incisions

    Once the necessary modifications are made, the surgeon carefully closes the incisions using sutures or stitches. If external incisions were made, the sutures are skillfully placed to minimize scarring. 

    The surgeon may also use nasal splints or packing to support the newly reshaped nose during the initial healing phase.

    Benefits Of Rhinoplasty Surgery In Navi Mumbai

    People looking for rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai can expect improved facial harmony, heightened self-confidence, correction of nasal asymmetry or deformities, and enhanced nasal function.

    7 Essential benefits of Rhinoplasty surgery in Navi Mumbai:

    1. Rhinoplasty can harmonize the nose with other facial features and achieve a balanced and enhanced facial profile.
    2. Rhinoplasty surgery improves the facial proportion by addressing specific nasal concerns, such as a hump on the bridge, a wide nasal tip, or a crooked nose.
    3. It provides a boost in self-confidence by creating a nose that matches the patient’s desired aesthetic goals. 
    4. It creates a more symmetrical and pleasing appearance by reshaping and repositioning the nasal structures. 
    5. Rhinoplasty addresses functional issues like breathing difficulties and chronic congestion caused by a deviated septum.
    6. Rhinoplasty treats a chronically stuffed nose caused by a virus, allergy, or any deformity.

    Rhinoplasty enhances facial appearance and self-esteem which may help individuals in their personal and professional fields.

    What Are The Risks Or Side-Effects Associated With Nose Surgery?

    Rhinoplasty offers incredible results but it carries certain potential risks and side effects as well. Hence, before opting for nose surgery, one must be aware of these factors to make informed decisions.

    Swelling and Bruising: Post-surgery swelling and bruising are common which typically subside within a few weeks. Proper post-operative care, including the use of cold compresses and keeping the head elevated, can help reduce these effects.

    Pain: Patients may experience mild pain but it can be effectively managed with prescribed pain medications. Most patients find that the discomfort diminishes over time.

    Bleeding: Minor bleeding from the nose is normal in the initial days following rhinoplasty. However, in case of excessive or persistent bleeding, the surgeon should be notified promptly.

    Infection: Although the risk of infection is low, following the surgeon’s post-operative instructions, keeping the incision sites clean, and taking prescribed antibiotics can significantly reduce this risk. 

    Scarring: For closed rhinoplasty, scarring is minimal as the incisions are made inside the nostrils. The small external incision in open rhinoplasty may leave a barely visible scar, which typically fades with time.

    Nasal Obstruction: In some cases, swelling or internal scarring may lead to temporary nasal obstruction. Proper healing and following the surgeon’s advice can help resolve this issue.

    Dissatisfaction with Results: Rhinoplasty is an intricate procedure. There may be a chance that the results may not meet the patient’s expectations.

    Patients must have realistic expectations and communicate their goals clearly with the surgeon during pre-operative consultations to avoid additional surgeries.

    The key to minimising these risks lies in selecting a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and choosing an accredited surgical facility with strict adherence to safety protocols.

    How To Choose The Best Rhinoplasty Clinic In Navi Mumbai?

    Selecting the right rhinoplasty clinic in Navi Mumbai may seem daunting but it ensures a safe and successful surgical journey. With several options available, it’s essential to consider these 8 key factors to choose the best rhinoplasty clinic in Navi Mumbai. 

    1. A clinic that houses board-certified plastic surgeons with specialized training in rhinoplasty. 
    2. Before-and-after images of patients who underwent rhinoplasty give an insight into the surgeon’s skills and the potential results one can expect. 
    3. Patient reviews and testimonials provide valuable feedback on the clinic’s services and patient care.
    4. Affiliations with accredited professional organizations and awards that recognize the exceptional performance of the surgeon and the clinic in the field.
    5. The clinic’s reputation in the industry and among previous patients is displayed in online reviews, forums, and social media platforms 
    6. A reputable rhinoplasty clinic that prioritizes patient care throughout the entire surgical process. 
    7. A clinic where the surgeons prioritize open communication and actively involve patients in the decision-making process. 
    8. Clinics equipped with modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Advanced tools and techniques can contribute to more precise and satisfactory results.