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Scar revision surgery will aim to reduce a scar so that it is less noticeable and mix it in with the surrounding skin tone and texture.PVR Aesthetica offers scar revision surgery in Navi Mumbai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A scar is a way in which the body recovers from an injury. It is usually composed of fibrous tissue. There are several reasons for scar formation. It can be due to some injury, infection in an area, surgery, or inflammation of tissues. Scars are of many types, including lumpy, flat, or coloured and can occur anywhere in the body. It can either be painful or itchy and dry. It also depends on the location and type of skin, cause of scar, age of the person, and general health.

    Scar revision surgery is a surgical method and aesthetic procedure done to reduce the visibility of the scar by blending it with the surrounding skin. The surgery does not guarantee complete removal of the scar but is an attempt to make it less visible. It is a boon to those who want clear, unblemished skin.

    So many people lose their confidence due to scarring and, as a result, miss out on great opportunities. If you want to undergo scar revision surgery in Navi Mumbai, consider visiting us at PVR Aesthetica. We ensure that each patient is a priority and try our best on all terms.

    Scar revision surgery can be done to heal scars of any type on the body. Besides, it can also help in cases of mobility loss due to tissue contraction. However, scars can also cause extreme pain in some cases, like neuroma, which is the uncontrolled growth of nerve tissues.

    Scar revision surgery can also give some people the confidence they were lacking due to embarrassment or trauma.

    Here are a few types of common scars, each of which has a different treatment plan. They are as follows:

    • Hypertrophic scars: These are characterised by red, raised scars due to a high amount of collagen build-up within the wound area.
    • Keloids: They are brown, with raised scars which are fibrous tissue outgrowth. It can reach beyond the wound area.
    • Contracture scars: These scars are in the region where the scarred tissues have contracted during healing.
    • Trapdoor deformity: It is a scar which is circumscribed by surrounding raised tissues.

    If you want treatment for any of the above-mentioned scars, come over to PVR Aesthetica. Our doctors have transformed many lives by performing successful surgeries and restoring confidence in our patients' lives. Also, our scar revision surgery cost in Navi Mumbai is one of the most affordable ones in the city.

    After thoroughly assessing your condition, the doctor will determine your fitness for the surgery. Based on that, they would give you a set of preparatory instructions. They would explain what and how you should prepare for the surgery to get the desired results. They would also discuss the risks involved in the surgery. The expected outcome of the surgery depends on the location and type of scar. The doctor would explain to what extent the surgery can benefit the person and would also want to know more about the patient's expectations from the procedure.

    Before the consultation, be prepared with all your queries. For example, ask about the procedure in detail, the recovery period, how to deal with complications and other things.

    The surgical method chosen for removing the scar would depend on the approach chosen for your treatment.

    The procedure begins with the administration of local or general anaesthetic. After it, as per the location, extent, type and area of the scar, the surgeon would perform either a simple scar revision surgery or follow it with fat grafting, skin grafting, chemical peels treatment, or Z plasty.

    In some cases of previous scars, the doctor might need to make an incision and remove it. After the surgery, all the incisions are duly stitched and closed.

    Want to get more details about scar revision surgery in Navi Mumbai? Then you can either search online for more information or consider visiting us at PVR Aesthetica. Our healthcare experts would provide you with complete details about the procedure, side effects and whether it is the right option for you or not. So book an appointment at PVR Aesthetica and get your treatment done by the best doctors for scar treatment in Navi Mumbai.

    Any medical surgery needs time to show the results. Likewise, scar healing requires time and patience to show its effect. The scar would have to undergo a natural maturing phase before it goes away forever. It is a time-consuming phase, and the rate of healing depends on your body's natural healing rate.

    The scar would proceed with an ongoing cycle of resolution and maturation in this period. The surgery would improve the scar to a great extent on that day. It will be followed by some amount of inflammation in the following days. The scar would then appear red and thick, rising above the skin surface. It extends to 3 to 4 months after the surgery. After this, the scar starts to swell down. It is known as the maturation phase. Gradually the scar will blend in with the surrounding healthy skin.

    You can follow these guidelines for a better healing process:

    • Cleaning the scar site regularly
    • Avoiding any injury to the area during recovery
    • Apply silicone gels or creams
    • Avoid high-intensity exercises or activities as it takes several weeks for the skin to become normal
    • Use the given dressings, splints and compression garments as instructed by the doctor

    Planning to get a scar treatment in Navi Mumbai? Wait no more and get in touch with us at PVR Aesthetica. We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure to support all kinds of facilities and surgeries. Our medical experts are some of the most renowned for scar revision surgery in Navi Mumbai, ensuring that your treatment is in the right hands. With their expertise and high-quality facilities at our hospital, we ensure that you get the best treatment. As a result, our scar revision surgery cost in Navi Mumbai is relatively low but with high-quality treatment. So book an appointment with Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica today!