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A tummy tuck surgery includes the removal of excess fat and skin which is present in the abdomen. PVR Aesthetica offers the best tummy tuck in Thane.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A tummy tuck surgery is an aesthetic cosmetic surgery to enhance the look of the abdomen. It is also known as abdominoplasty.

    In a tummy tuck surgery, the extra skin and fat in the stomach region are removed surgically. The connective tissue is usually clenched with sutures. The excess skin is then fixed to give the desired look.

    Tummy tuck surgery is an ideal option for those with extra fat deposited in the abdominal region or a weak lower abdomen region. It also enhances the overall appearance.

    Looking for a good doctor for tummy tuck surgery in Thane? Then visit PVR Aesthetica and get treatment by Dr Vinod Pachade, one of the best-known doctors for abdominoplasty in Thane. He has treated and transformed many lives with his rich experience in the field. So wait no more and book an appointment at PVR Aesthetica for tummy tuck surgery in Thane.

    Like any other surgical procedure, a tummy tuck has some risks and complications associated with it. Here are a few risks associated with tummy tuck surgery:

    • Fluid retention: Fluid may accumulate under the skin and be drained through the drainage tubes. If fluid gets accumulated after the surgery, the doctor will remove it with a needle and syringe.
    • Slowed healing: In some cases, it is possible that the incision-made region can take a longer time to heal than expected. After the surgery, the doctor would recommend antibiotics to reduce the chances of infection.
    • Scarring: The incision made for the surgery leaves a permanent mark but is usually hidden along the bikini line. The length and extent of the scar can vary from person to person.
    • Tissue damage: The tissues may get damaged while extracting the fat and excess skin. The habit of smoking can further worsen the healing process. It can either heal on its own or require revision surgery in case of a larger area of surgery.
    • Numbness: After the surgery, the change in position of the abdominal tissues can affect the nerves leading to decreased sensation. It is not a significant complication and usually improves with time.

    Besides these, it is possible to face common complications like bleeding and inflammation. In addition, there is the risk of allergic reaction to the anaesthesia used.

    An expert can look into your case and describe all the complications per your health condition. Are you looking for abdominoplasty in Thane? Then visit PVR Aesthetica as we have the latest facilities and advanced technology coupled with a relatively low abdominoplasty cost in Thane, which results in a perfect patient experience.

    For the consultation session, you should ask and clear all your queries about the procedure. Then, ask them about the risks and recovery phase details. Finally, discuss your expectations from the surgery. There are two methods of approach for the surgery:

    • Complete abdominoplasty: In this type, the surgeon would make the incision extending from one end of the hip bone to the other. After the surgery, the skin and muscles are contoured as required. It also includes the movement of the belly button from its location. Drainage tubes are kept attached for a few days to drain excess fluid.
    • Partial or mini abdominoplasty: It is prefered for patients with fat accumulation in the lower belly region. In this surgery, the belly button is not moved from its location and does not take much time. It can be completed in two hours.

    If you have a smoking habit, it must be stopped for at least two weeks before the surgery. However, the patient should not have smoked and restrained for two weeks completely as it interferes with the healing process.

    In the consultation session, give complete information about existing medical conditions, medications and herbal and vitamin supplements which you are consuming. It is because some medications have to be stopped for a brief period before and after the surgery.

    You need to prepare your home to get complete rest during the healing process. It can be done by:

    • Extra ice packs
    • Comfortable loose clothes to wear
    • Petroleum jelly
    • Bathroom chair and hand shower

    Besides these, you also need a family member or friend to accompany you to the hospital while returning. Our team of experts, led by Dr Vinod Pachade, provides the patients with affordable tummy tuck costs in Thane. So visit PVR Aesthetica for a consultation on a tummy tuck in Thane.

    Tummy tuck surgery is an outpatient procedure which means it does not require an overnight stay and can be completed in a few hours. This procedure is done under the influence of general anaesthesia to ensure no pain and discomfort. The doctor might also prescribe some pain killer medications.

    Before the surgery

    The surgeon would begin by administering anaesthesia, followed by making incisions in the abdominal region. As per the desire and end goal of the surgery, the method is chosen. The incision is made from the belly button to the pubic hair region. The connective tissue is then drawn taut with permanent sutures.

    The amount of skin removed and the type of surgery chosen depends on the shape and length of the surgery. The scar is usually hidden under the bikini line and hence not visible. The belly button is removed through a small incision and placed back with sutures.

    During the surgery

    The procedure takes around two to three hours to complete. You would feel numb as long as the anaesthesia effect lasts. Antibiotics are prescribed to avoid any infections.

    After the surgery

    A surgical dressing is used to cover the area. Some drainage pipes are left for fluid removal. Antibiotics should be taken as long as the drainage pipes are attached. The staff members would help you stand and walk around on the day of surgery to avoid clot formation. 

    The compression garment has to be worn for around six weeks. It helps support the abdomen while healing and avoids fluid accumulation. 

    If you need more information about tummy tuck surgery in Thane, come over to PVR Aesthetica. Our team of medical professionals, led by Dr Pachade, perform an excellent tummy tuck in Thane to provide the patients with a better appearance. So book your appointment for a consultation today!


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