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Skin peel treatment is an effective way of reducing irregular depressions and wrinkles to regain a smoother, more youthful skin. PVR Aesthetica offers the best wrinkle treatment in Thane.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Wrinkles can be defined as creases, folds or ridges present in the skin and is a natural consequence of ageing. The first wrinkles appear in places where your skin tends to fold naturally while making various facial expressions. Wrinkles result from the skin becoming thinner and losing its elasticity with time.

    It also appears in places of the body and is mainly exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, back of the hands and arms.

    Wrinkles are a natural consequence of growing old, and everyone is affected by them. However, many people are unsatisfied with the appearance of wrinkles; therefore, thousands of people undergo treatments to remove them every year.

    As you grow older, the skin cells tend to divide slower than usual, and the dermis or inner layer of the skin starts to get thinner. As a result, the structure of the skin becomes stretchier.

    As you are ageing, the skin also loses its capacity to retain moisture, makes less oil and takes more time to heal. All of these problems result in the development of wrinkles. Some other things that cause wrinkles are:

    • Smoking: Smoking reduces the skin's ability to produce collagen, which is an integral part of the skin's structure. The reduction in the amount of collagen causes wrinkles. Therefore avoiding smoking can slow down the ageing process.
    • Skin type: Fair people are more prone to sun damage.
    • Hereditary: a family history of wrinkles can also be the reason behind you experiencing wrinkles.
    • Sun exposures and repeated facial expressions.

    It might be impossible for you to control all of these factors, but you can easily stop smoking and try to reduce your exposure to the sun.

    Here are some of the ways by which you can try and reduce wrinkles:

    • Protect your skin from the sun as far as possible.
    • Reduce spending time in direct sunlight, especially during the middle of the day.
    • You can wear protective coatings such as hats, sleeves and sunglasses, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 and put it on every 2 hours. While choosing makeup or lotion and other beauty products, make sure that they have SPF in them. It will ensure that your skin is being protected daily.
    • Moisturising your skin also helps in reducing wrinkles. Also, hydrated skin makes the skin plump. On the other hand, dry skin makes your skin shrivelled and promotes the formation of fine lines and creases.
    • You should also stop smoking, and your skin tone will also start to improve.
    • Eating healthy and providing all the vitamins and minerals to your body and skin helps reduce wrinkles.

    Are you looking for a hospital offering wrinkle treatment in Navi Mumbai? PVR Aesthetica can be suitable for you as we provide successful results from qualified and experienced doctors at one of the best face wrinkle treatment costs in Navi Mumbai.

    Here are some treatments available to reduce the wrinkles:

    • Retinoids: The most effective way to reduce the signs of ageing among all the treatments available. It helps in reducing problems such as pigmentation, roughness and wrinkling. All of these medications are likely to cause redness and peeling. The improvement occurs when the peeling does not happen anymore.
    • Alpha-hydroxy acids: The acids are also known as "fruit acids" and include glycolic and lactic acid. The acids are safe and rarely cause any complications except mild and temporary irritations. However, the results are subtle and not dramatic.
    • Antioxidants: Antioxidants include several vitamins, such as vitamins A, C and E, along with beta-carotene. You can use products that have antioxidants in them as they can provide some sum protection. It will help you to get rid of wrinkles.
    • Moisturisers: They can temporarily make wrinkles disappear and reduce the visibility of fine lines. However, you should remember that moisturisers do not permanently make wrinkles disappear.
    • Glycolic acid peels: The superficial peels can subtly reduce the wrinkles' visibility.
    • Deeper peels: The peels contain phenol and TCA (trichloroacetic acid), so they can be absorbed deeper inside the skin. The deeper peels are more effective in smoothening out the fine lines. However, deeper peels can have several side effects, such as scarring and discolouration of the skin. You must have a consultation with your doctor before going forward with the treatment.
    • Dermabrasion: The procedure helps in sanding the skin, and if done by a skilled doctor, it can produce dramatic results. There are also possible side effects such as scarring and permanent skin discolouration.
    • Laser resurfacing: In this procedure, the doctors use lasers to promote collagen, which helps plump the skin. You can discuss it with your surgeon and decide which treatment will be appropriate for you.
    • Ultrasound therapy: The procedure helps lift and lighten the skin on the face, neck and chin. It can also reduce wrinkles present on the chest.
    • Injections: Some injections, such as botox, help relax the muscles, thus reducing fine lines. Some injections also promote the formation of collagen and help in improving the skin tone and texture. Make sure that you get the treatment done by a skilled doctor.
    • Microdermabrasion: It helps remove a layer of skin with the help of a rotating brush and also promotes the formation of collagen.

    If you are looking for a hospital offering any of the above-mentioned wrinkle treatments in Navi Mumbai, contact PVR Aesthetica. Our team, led by Dr Vinod Pachade, uses excellent facilities and advanced technologies to provide some of the best face wrinkle treatments in Navi Mumbai.

    You should not forward with an anti-wrinkle procedure if:

    • You may be infected in the target area.
    • Allergic to any of the materials used.
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Have a neuromuscular disorder.

    PVR Aesthetica can be suitable for you as we provide successful results by an experienced and qualified team of doctors and medical professionals at one of the best face wrinkle treatment costs in Navi Mumbai. So to get one of the best face wrinkle treatments in Navi Mumbai, book your appointment with PVR Aesthetica today!


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