10 Things Men Should Know About Laser Hair Removal for Chest

Are you considering removing your hair permanently but need to know what to look for in the clinic, how to prepare yourself and what precautions must be taken before the surgery? We’ve got you and have briefed everything you should know before getting a laser hair treatment.

Laser hair removal has many benefits, but many things must be considered before progressing. Some of these are described in detail to help you decide how going to the laser clinic would help you:

Reduces body odour

The hair follicles produce sweat as an excretory product. Hence one of the advantages of permanent hair removal is the freedom from the worry of body odour. Even during high-intensity physical activities and sports, you would see that hair plays a major role in the extent of body odour. Even a trim would show a significant amount of body odour reduction. 

Less irritation

Using wax or shaving regularly for hair removal irritates the skin and creates bumps. It can lead to razor bumps, blisters, irritation and scab formation if not done correctly. The hair would grow back and cause tingling and redness. By getting a men laser hair removal treatment, you would never have to face this problem.

Sweat reduction

The amount of hair is significantly reduced by getting laser hair removal for the chest; hence the amount of sweat also decreases, which is a major complaint of most men. Hence, the most natural way to do it is by reducing or completely removing the hair; no follow-up medicine is required.

Less painful

If you have been waxing, you will feel tingling with the laser hair removal treatment. Many patients feel it like the snap of a rubber band without the use of any desensitising cream. However, laser clinics use a desensitising cream to make the process comfortable for you. Besides, you would be stress-free of the hair growing back forever. 

Highlights muscles

If you go to the gym every day and like to share your gains, hair removal will enhance muscle tone. A chest with hair looks heavier than they are. Laser hair removal for the chest would highlight even the smallest amount of muscle and make your clothes look better. A laser hair removal cost would be much less than regular waxing and shaving visits.

Multiple sessions

The body hair grows in cycles. Hence you would have to visit the laser clinic more than once. A person with sufficient growth would require 5 to 10 sessions for laser hair removal for the chest, which would be spaced out over ten weeks. A practising laser technician from the clinic could give a better idea of the number of sessions required.

No more ingrown hair

Some people face the problem of ingrown hair if they use razors or wax. It happens because these hair removal techniques pull the hair in the opposite direction rather than pulling it from the root. It damages the roots, so they start growing inside and a painful red ingrown hair on the surface.

Permanent hair removal destroys the roots; hence no chance of the hair follicles growing backwards. Getting a laser hair removal for the chest would eliminate the pain of ingrown hair forever. 

Minimum sun exposure

The laser treatment works on the hair follicles. Still, your skin is also exposed. One of the things about laser hair removal that people see is a change in skin colour. Thus, the pain will be less if you are in your natural skin tone during the laser treatment.

Those with sunburns and tanning would have a painful experience with irritation and blisters formation. Hence, an important thing about laser hair removal is to minimise sun exposure. Cover yourself while going out, take a break from everything, and stay home for some days before the treatment.

Quality of equipment

Always choose high-quality equipment for your laser treatment. The laser hair removal cost would then go up but avoid going to those spas for hair removal as they use similar lasers for most of their services; hence the results are not worth paying.

IPL or intense pulse light are similar to lasers but do not have the same effect. Hence while looking for a laser hair removal treatment hospital, look for the type of machinery they use. It should be true lasers or any class IV FDA-approved laser that has resulted in successful hair removal. 

These are ten important tips that every man who undergoes laser hair removal for the chest should know. If you are searching for affordable laser hair removal costs, contact us at PVR Aesthetica. We have top doctors and facilities available in our hospital. Book your appointment now.

Dr Vinod Pachade

Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.

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